Comprehensive psycho-physical therapy and fitness center

Welcome to our website. BodyMind center has been operating since 2012. Our company mission is to help people by furthering overall wellbeing of our clients. This can be achieved by offering comprehensive holistic therapy and fitness solutions to our customers

During our treatments our staff don´t focus exclusively just to repairing, maintaining and improving our customers physical wellbeing but we see our customers as a combination of body and mind. Because we see our clients as a whole, all our service and treatment packages are designed to include not only the fitness of the body but also the wellbeing of mind is taken in to consideration during the treatment sessions Our treatments are suitable to people of all ages, from small kids to senior citizens

The range of our treatment solutions is extensive from which our costumers are free to choose the treatment method of their desire  We offer treatment solutions from traditional massage, Chinese medicine and acupuncture,  orthopedic osteopathy,  psycho physical osteopathy

Our staff is also specialized in  Chinese medicine and we also offer solution orientated psychotherapy as a part of our treatment package

Our pandala health spa is located at the facilities inside Hotelli Mesikämmen Next to Ähtäri Zoo and panda house.Also feel free to downlooad our brochure
brochure in english

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